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We are Angela and Danny Resendez - a husband and wife team - with many interests; but, we are primarily focused on bringing joy, equality, and love to those in our community - and beyond - through the arts.

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​Fiber Arts



We want our friends and family to feel beautiful and empowered through seeing themselves embodied in a work of art; we want the world to see how magical it really is.


Life is but a dream; but, it is not always what it seems. Symbolic stories are evident, forever changing. We perceive life as a fairy tale, a tale of sorts, a wishing well. When those wishes don't come true, magical things can happen to you...

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ViBRANT creations by Angela Michelle (and Danny Resendez)


We are inspired by the mysterious world around us: the people we meet, the natural world, and the magic of color. 


We offer a variety of services and products through the arts such as: photography, embroidery, ceramics, and fine art portraits.